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Join Las Vegas Casino Party and get ready to win big. Sign up with casino online and get nine hundred percent match bonuses to twelve different casinos by entering the bonus code during checkout. Just like a normal card, you have to show the same ID as proof of registration. Once you enter the code, it will display on your screen or in your email account. Now, win big in the world of casino games. sportbook malaysia

Victory Casino Cruise - Short Gaming Cruise in Cape Canaveral – Go GuidesThe online casino bonus is designed to encourage players to play more games. The bonuses are also provided for new players, old players, registered players, VIP members, affiliates and people who are members of other gambling and casino websites. Each casino online bonus has its own wagering requirements that have to be met in order to cash out the winnings. Some bonuses require players to sign up a free gaming account while others are for deposits. There
are also some bonuses that do not require any kind of gaming or online account to cash out the winnings.
The player’s name is required when signing up for a casino deposit bonus as this is the promotional strategy of casinos to attract more customers. Free bonus is given to new players with an eye to developing their confidence. Some casinos offer free bonus upon first deposit or a combination of deposits. Like with real money game, the player can win or lose money when playing casino games with the given winnings. The casinos do not deduct money from a player’s
bankroll but rather allow the players to withdraw the winnings at any time.
If a player is serious about cashing out the winnings, he should consider getting the best online casinos with match deposit bonuses. In order to get the best bonuses, one should thoroughly read the rules and regulations of the online casinos before signing up. It is better to go through the terms and conditions before beginning the game to avoid being fooled later. For beginners, it is better to play in smaller tables until one gets the hang of the game. Once a player becomes
confident enough, he can try playing in higher stakes.
Most of the casinos offer different types of welcome bonuses like the casino welcome bonus, which features no deposit bonus or reduced winnings for large bet games. Apart from welcome bonuses, the online casinos also offer loyalty points, which reward the players for being loyal to the casino. These loyalty points can be used for shopping or for other entertainment purposes at no extra cost. These casinos also have no deposit bonus and no withdrawal bonus which are
given to new players.

The welcome bonuses and loyalty points can be withdrawn at any time but once the player wins a game, his deposit will be retained. These no deposit casino online casinos also offer other kinds of free casino games apart from slots and roulette. These games include bingo, video poker, keno and other card games. Free money can also be earned by playing slots for real money. A player can withdraw all the free money he earns from the casinos after he has spent his money in the casinos.

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You’re entering the online blackjack and want to maximize your chances of generating gains in your parts ? You then came across the platform made for you! Here we are going to see how blackjack card counting can make you win more money.


Card counting in blackjack is an idea that appeared in the last century, and brilliantly implemented by Ken Uston , one of the most famous players who applied different systems of card counting in casinos around the world, and who shot a fortune of this method.

But the very first to really address the issue was Edward O. Thorp with his legendary book ” Beat the Dealer “.

He explains how the house advantage can drop drastically if a player places their bet after spending some time analyzing the cards already drawn around the table. But enough culture: let’s get down to business and see how this technique works.


There is no one card counting technique, but several. Here we will explore the Hi Low method and see how the player can anticipate the strength of the remaining cards in the shoe.

Blackjack card counting with this very famous technique is quite simple. A value is assigned to certain types of cards during the first games, depending on the number of points they can earn. Here is how the distribution of values ​​is done:

  • Cards between 2 and 6: +1 point;
  • Cards between 7 and 9: 0 point;
  • 10, J, Q, K and As : -1 point.

When you know more or less which cards are already out, you can get a general idea of ​​the remaining cards and bet accordingly.


Blackjack allows you to count cards in different ways. These strategies and techniques were invented by different blackjack enthusiasts and experts who now offer different ways of counting cards.

You will find the classic way, the Hi-low strategy , Wonging or even the “new way” of counting cards. Find out all this information here.


The first way of counting cards is affirmed by the so-called “classic” way. This simple counting strategy allows you to count cards to determine which will be the last cards in the final shoe.

This method works on a probability basis and allows you to determine approximately what action to perform during your game. For this, three categories will be assigned to the cards that you will be able to obtain. You will need to count: “+1”, “-1” or even “0”, depending on the card you have drawn.

Finally, in the case of a positive total well above 0, it may be interesting to double your stake or to continue playing. Indeed, this means that there is a very good chance that you will get a strong card.


The method known under the name of “Hi-Low”, is a method allowing to count cards with more precision. This technique and method had been used in particular during the film “Las Vegas 21”, where students from MIT lingered in counting cards in a casino.

This technique similar to the classic strategy allows you in particular to count the cards by determining with precision the last cards present within the proposed shoe.


Wonging allows you to count cards by associating two people, a player and a counter. The counter first counts the cards within the table to determine when the best time for the player to come into play may be.

Once the counter has found the right moment, it can signal the player to join the table. Thus, the player therefore has chances of winning by knowing exactly the number of points possessed by the table. The player therefore enters the table and only has to bet big to win the jackpot.


Now, in the era of new technologies , players sometimes use mobiles or smartphones that can count cards directly. To do this, they use applications or programs that count cards.

However, these techniques are generally not allowed and online casinos are sure to exclude you for these acts. Moreover, land-based casinos do not accept smartphones , so these techniques cannot be used in this context.

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